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If you are one of those creeps sending me e-mails like ‘To my dearest one’ STOP! It freaked me out the 10 I had of them, scary!


P.S. If you sent me an e-mail saying can my widow invest in your country then NO and if you looked at my profile no I don’t want to be your friend.

Pokemon Go Go Go!


Here is how to change the forms:

Deoxys+Veilstone City Meteorites=Different forms for Deoxys

Shaymin+Gracidea Flower=Shaymin Sky Form

Giratina(origin form)+Taken out of the Reverse/distortion World (in Sinnoh)

And that might be all of them, if any are missing E-mail me at izzywiz@live.co.uk and I will post it and give you credit!

It’s off, the contest is off due to technical difficulties SORRY!

Heart Gold & Soul Silver are two new DS games, back in the region of Jhoto. They are remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver. They have improved graphics. They’re out in Spring Year 2010.

These are a real treat if you haven’t got Gold or Silver beacause everything will be new to you! Since the games ars in Jhoto your ‘adventure’ will start in New Bark Town. The legend of Heart gold is Ho-Oh and Silvers legend is Lugia. 

Unlike any of the originals they have more pokemon packed up inside because you can link/trade with Pokemon Platinum/Pearl/Diamond to fill your pokedex with pokemon not originally avalible in Jhoto. The music has changed but there’s a tool/key item that changes the sounds back to the old style. New sound FX too for example: rusling grass, running water that kind of thing. If you’re a fan of Poke Balls you’ll be glad to know that there is a guy called Kurt who makes his own seven custom Poke Balls out of the Apricorn fruit found in Jhoto. It’s good to see a comeback of the Magnet Train too! In the originals it was the fastest way to travel between Goldenrod City and Saffron city. It goes 340 miles per hour and it runs 24 hours a day and there are some really neat 3-D graphics to go along with it too! I’m so excited are you? Hurry up Spring 2010!

Here is my cheats, there’s a move deleter (an old man) in Canalave city in the house above the poke-mart. In Veilstone city there is a girl (in a house) who makes you Pokemon more happy every day by massaging the Pokemon of your choice. She is in the house closest to the steps (to get on the platform) on the same platform to the gym. Cool! those are my tips for today, better tips on the way.

I’m really excited fo Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver two new DS games. More news on them later Bye.

Look at this almost every Pokemon but not …ARCEUS! This picture is a shame to pokemon every where. Here is a new rule every time I/you/we spell ARCEUS! We do it in capitals with an exclamation mark (!) at the end. If you do find ARCEUS! Contact me by commenting (E-mail is not appropriat right now). Bye again. Pokemon rock remember that!

Ok the prize for the cheat 1 contest is…………………………………………….  a trade from the World Trade Center on Pokemon DS games from me. The prize Pokemon will be Darkri. This is a big win and a big sacrifice from me.

This Darkri is a  legend.

I will give all the imformation by E-mail. Keep poke-doing!


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