JAY's Pokemon Fan Club! (with cheats and stuff)


Posted on: November 7, 2009

I have captured Arceus! Any pokemon fan knows who Arceus is!


COOL you just need the Azure Flute (get it from a special event. I have my sources…) then go to the Spear Pillar it will ask to blow the flute, you say yes wait a few minuets and there will be a big stair case, walk up it then you batle Arceus. He is Level 80 so be carful you might need a master ball…

P.S. I got the flute from my action replay.

Keep loving pokemon Bye.


3 Responses to "ARCEUS!"

it is cool but where do you get the fluit

It’s flute and you get it at a special event or use an action replay like I said on my ‘ARCEUS!’ post.

I mean flute

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